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The device applies safe levels of high-voltage AC potential to the body and creates an electrical field around it. This electric field gently stimulates the sensory receptors in the skin, which in turn stimulates the hypothalamus and other areas of the brain, to promote homeostatic functions.
The negative potential electrotherapy will put the human body in the negative high potential electrostatic field, and it will generate negative ion to work on the human body and can balance PH-value, make the blood more alkaline, causing a rise in proportion of calcium and consequently decrease the viscosity of the blood and purify the blood; activate the cell by activate the ATP enzyme in the membrane of the cell; tone the autonomic nerve; supply the static energy needed by the human body and feel the forest bathing.
Also, the electric field generates minute amounts of induced current, which permeates the body and stimulates the metabolism.
Negative ions will make the blood more alkaline causing a rise in the proportion of calcium, and consequently decrease the viscosity of the blood.

Another function high-cycle applies a 72000 Hz/sec micro vibration of light waves rises the core body temperature 1-2 degrees producing an aerobic effect that burns fat.

Model: JKF-XN-B
High Potential: 1500V, 3500V, 5000V, 9000V
Negative Potential: -1500V, -3500V, -5000V, -9000V
Sleep Field: 500V
High-cycle Field: 2000V
Operating Time Setting: 10min~ 6hours
Dimensions: 33*29*56cm
Working Environment Temperature: 5~400
Relative Humidity: <=80%
Input Power: <=35W
Rated Power Supply: AC220V 110%, 50Hz 11Hz

The characteristic of JKF-XN-B

An entire body treatment
It can work on various parts of the body by only sitting on the chair.
Easy operation & Convenience
No need to take off clothes or metal goods. One press of a button can operate the machine.
Immediate effect on the local pain
The electronic pen treatment can remove the local pain immediately.
You can receive a comfortable and relaxed treatment through the slight vibration it emits.
Space saving
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