Sell Elevator Balance Compensation Chain

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We can provide elevator compensation chain for elevator speed less than 3. 5m/s from world-famous specialized manufacturer.

We can mainly provide two types of compensation chain--WFB and WFC, WFB type of compensation chain is recommended for elevator speed over 1.75m/s. It is coated by elastic PVC materials. It is soft, flexible, attrition bearable, noise-resistant and invulnerable to be split out.

WFC type of compensation chain is recommended for elevator speed less than 1. 75m/s.

It is coated by PVC but remians the shape like a chain, this is an improved replacement for the traditional hemp rope chain. It is rust-resisitant and more durable. And it looks nice, so can be used in observation elevators.

Both types of compensation chain let your elevator run smootly and without noise. We can also provide installation kits and dampening rollers, together with the compensation chain.

We are very experienced in compensation chain, contact us and we can help you select the right type of compensation chain from right maker!