Sell Elevator Buckets(39259000) / Elevator Bolt / Elevating Belt(842832)

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Elevator Bucket
1) Applications: vertical conveying of granular, powdery, or lumpish material
such as grains, barley, beans, wheat, feeds, seeds, flour, corn, malted barley, rice,
grass seed, chemicals, etc.
2) Material: HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) ; nylon
3) Bucket Style: deep bottom bucket (DS) , low profile bucket (DQ) , no bottom
bucket (DW) , split bucket (DG) , rice milling bucket (DM) , European style bucket,
inductive bucket (DL)
4) Features:
a) High intensity, wear-resistance, corrosion-proof, with longer life span
than steel buckets.
b) Light weight, extend the life span of the bucket, reduce the energy consuming

of the elevators.
c) Good pliability, low product damage percent of only 1 .
d) No spark caused in operation, avoid the possibility of dust exploration.
e) Clean discharge, wide temperature applications
5) Supply Availability: 500,000pcs

Bucket bolts:
1) Material: General carbon steel, carbon steel with zinc plated, stainless
2) Intensity of Bolt: Class 4-8
3) Model: standard bolt, flat countersunk bolt, tooth bolt, belt bolt, stainless

4) Supply Availability: 30000,000pcs

Elevating Belt
1) For elevating purpose with belt and bucket, the belt is required to be with
less extensibility and high strength.
2) Adopting polyester canvass as carcass and through good sulphuration, our
belt has the advanced features as less elongation, high strength, light weight,
wear-resistance, long working life, innocuity and odor-free, compared with
general rubber conveyor belt.
3) It's widely used in the grain machinery manufactory and grain material
handling industries.
4) Supply Availability: 500,000sqm

Packing: carton