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Elevators play an increasingly important role in inhabitation high-rises, busy business building, and hotels. MODERN designed elaborately the elevator specific power conditioner considering voltage pulsation caused by ceaseless ups and downs and frequent runnings and pauses of elevators. The systematic regulation adopts roller type carbon brush and high polishing processing of regulating transformer so that the friction loss of carbon brush can be reduced to less than 0.2mm every 10,000 times. In addition, swift speed of regulation resonance, impressive ability of anti load impact and flawless protection guarantee normal and cycling operation of elevator. It also has dual delayed function, by-pass function and the auto restore facility after power cut.

Features and benefits:
1. Wide input voltage
2. Maintenance free roller type carbon brush
3. No additional wave distortion, no phase deviation
4. Continually operation mode and withstand to instantaneous overload
5. Protection circuit(over, under voltage and over current auto shutoff after delayed)
6. Manual by-pass function
7. Start output delayed function
8. Lightning device addition is available as request

1. Passenger Elevator
2. Cargo Elevator
3. Ropeway elevator
4. Escalator
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