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WOHBC Elisa reader: Range of working wavelength is from 400nm to 700nm. It has 4 filters when leaving factory: 405nm, 450nm, 492nm, 630nm;

(1) Characteristics of the filters
(2) Detection range of the instrument is from 0.1A to 3.0A. The error of absorbance accuracy is as follows:
(3) Repeatability: <1.0%;
(4) Stability: <+/-0.005A/10min;
(5) Detection modes: Single wavelength or dual wavelengths;
(6) Display: 240x128 pixels LCD screen;
(7) Print: External printer;
(8) Data Link: RS232 serial port;
(9) Output: Absorbance, qualitative judgment, value of P/CO, concentration, judgment of normal value and quality control value
(10) Dimensions: 420x290x180mm:
(11) Weight: 10Kg.

3. 1 Work Conditions
(1) Environmental temperature: 10-30C;
(2) Relative humidity: <=70%;
(3) Be away from strong electromagnetic field;
(4) Avoid direct irradiation from strong light;
(5) The work place must be dustproof and shake-proof. There should be no caustic gas such as hydrochloric acid in the air;
(6) Power supply: 220X(1+/-10%) V, 50X(1+/-2%) Hz;