Sell Ellagic acid

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Registry number 476-66-4
Molecular: C14H6O8

1. Specifications:
Item: Standard
Appearance: Brownish or greyest powder;
Ellagic acid content: >=90%;
Loss on drying: <=5%;
Ash content: <=4%;
Heavy metal (Pb) : <=10 ppm;
Total bacterial count: <=1000 fu/g;

2. Usage
(1) . Function of anti-cancer and anti-mutation
Ellagic acid has function of anti-cancer and anti-mutation. Ellagic acid and other ellagic tannin has inhibitory action on immune-deficiency virus, the reverse transcription enzyme of AMV and (Alpha)- or (Beta)-cell DNA polymerase
(2) . Ellagic acid has the function of antioxidation because it can chelate with metal and react with free radical. It prevents other substances from oxidating as a kind of oxidant. It has been used during the maturation of fruit wine and processing of food to prevent cooking oil, fat and methyl oleate, lard and bean oil from oxidating.

3. Package: 20Kg/drum