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Emagrece Sim
Yellow Pack:
Cleanse & Detox is a complete, effective and extra strength cleansing and detoxification formula made with the strongest extract ingredients. Part 1 is formulated to improve bowel function and prevent the storage of fat by removing internal toxic and chemical build up.
1. Magnesium Hydroxide is responsible for the metabolic function of over 350 enzymes in the body and it promotes proper bowel function. Over 80% of American are Magnesium deficient.
2. Carqueja has shown to be effective for liver and digestive disorders as well as a blood cleanser.
3. Fedegoso has shown to protect the liver from chemical toxins, normalize liver enzymes and processes, and repair liver damage. It is also an excellent natural remedy for bacterial and fungal infections and is clinically shown to boost immune function.
4. Jurubeba has long been used for liver and digestive disorders. It acts as a liver tonic and a remedy for many types of digestive disorders by stimulating digestive functions and promoting gastric emptying.
5. Guava Leaf is used as an herbal antibiotic, to support proper bowel health and as weight loss aid. It is able to relax the intestinal smooth muscle, which inhibits bowel contractions and aids in the re-absorption of water in the intestines.
6. Gervao is employed to stimulate digestion, aid in the function of the gastrointestinal tract and is also used for liver problems.
7. Abuta is believed to aid in poor digestion, drowsiness after meals, and constipation. In Brazil, it is used as a diuretic and as a general tonic, as well as to reduce fever and relieve pain.
8. Psyllium supports the gastrointestinal tract. It can help lower cholesterol and blood sugar levels. In the intestines, psyllium may stick to cholesterol in foods, keeping it from being absorbed and forcing it to be eliminated.
Orange Pack:
Energy & Metabolism Support is a comprehensive weight loss formula. It consists of ingredients used for years by Brazilians to reduce appetite, increase energy levels and enhance metabolism. This multifaceted approach makes it extremely effective in reducing caloric intake while simultaneously increasing caloric burn. The combination of ingredients in Part 2 of the Emagrece Sim Diet System Diet System have been scientifically proven to produce weight loss results.
1. Cha de Bugre is a great appetite suppressant that makes you feel full after eating much less.
2. Yerba Mate balances blood sugar levels, stimulates digestion and assists your body in functioning more efficiently increasing in your energy level.
3. Guarana is great at fighting obesity and cellulite. It is known for its ability to also reducing fatigue.
4. Damiana acts as a diuretic and mild laxative.

With the Emagrece Sim Diet System you can:
Control your appetite
Enhance your metabolism
Reduce food & sugar cravings
Eliminate stored body fat
Increase your energy
Reshape your body
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