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Netcore's managed email security solution, EMERGIC CLEANMAIL is a Hosted Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus solution which filters unsolicited mails at the internet-cloud level and saves resources. It incorporates spam filtering, virus blocking, and disaster recovery for mails, all delivered through a network of redundant servers.

Salient Features -
1. Triple-level Virus Scanning.
2. Multi-layered Anti-Spam capabilities stop 90-95% of Spam.
3. Spam Analysis Engine with auto-updates and auto-learning.
4. Personal Whitelists and Blacklists allow/block emails from specific IDs/domains.
5. Real-time Blackhole Lists capture data from global spam servers to block spam.
6. Content filtering.
7. Personal Spam Manager allows users to manage their own spam.
8. The Dashboard, a web-based tool used to monitor how the Emergic CleanMail managed services are performing.