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Embletta Recording System

The Embletta system is the only PG device fully compliant with CMS and American Academy of Sleep Medicine recommendations for portable monitoring with two RIP technology channels, as well as a Nasal Pressure and Thermistor channel. The Embletta is the world standard for home sleep studies, boasting over half million studies worldwide, and has been designated by the American Sleep Medicine Foundation for use in their landmark study on Portable Monitoring in the Diagnosis and Management of Obstructive Sleep Apnea. Along with its user-friendly software, the Embletta is ideal for the direct measurement of sleep quality and sets the standard for diagnosing Sleep Disordered Breathing.

Truly Flexible

The Embletta offers unmatched diagnostic accuracy in a lightweight, compact design that is easy to use. Powered by two alkaline or rechargeable batteries, the Embletta has an internal flash memory that can store comprehensive respiratory data. The Embletta can be adapted to a variety of ambulatory and online studies by using its variable proxy connections. Embletta's diagnostic signals include position and activity, leg movement, oxygen saturation, pulse, oral flow, event button and two respiratory effort signals through the XactTrace Respiratory Inductive Plethysmograph (RIP) sensors. Not only an outstanding SDB diagnostic solution, it can also be used to determine the efficacy of treatment. The Embletta can be directly connected to a ResMed AutoSet. flow generator where flow, pressure, leak, and events from the AutoSet are added to the signals recorded by the Embletta. Exact nasal flow and pressure snore signals are obtained via a nasal cannula.
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