Sell Embroidery Ornament - Dragon Lamp

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The embroidery products are all 100% handmade, the pieces of embroidery on characters, animals and flowers, mountains and water are for appreciation. They can also be made into pictures, bookmarks, a set of hanging scrolls, etc. There are also the varieties of embroidery: Single-side embroidery, double-side embroidery of different colors. Double-side embroidery, the specific style of embroidery can be appreciated from both sides. Pictures look exactly the same and wonderful on both sides. Special ways are used in knitting instead of knotting. There the end of silk threads is invisible. It is knitted in the right angle without piercing the other side. Both sides will present the same excellent effect.

Style No. : QNC-0066
Desc. : Hand made embroidery ornament - dragon lamp
Size: 65x65x60cm