Sell Emergency Car Starter&Charger with USB

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The EC-4000-USB - E-CHARGE Emergency Car Starter is one of FAMOUS TECH's "In-Car Solution" products that gives car owners the unique experience of taking on tough jobs within the comfort and familiarity of their own vehicle.
This innovative and user-friendly line of products provide convenience and ease to an area which many people have difficulty understanding. By designing products powered through the car's 12V accessory outlet, we have given complete control and autonomy to those who may not have access to help when needed.

The E-CHARGE allows you to charge your vehicle's disabled battery without confusing and unreliable jumper cables. Simply plug it into the disabled vehicle's 12V accessory outlet, turn it on and the power starts transferring to the vehicle's battery. Simple and easy to use and there is no need to go under the hood  keeps you safe inside your car. E-CHARGE is a must-have for people who don't want to be stranded with a discharged battery.


USB Port  use E-CHARGE as a DC power source to charge/run various cell phones, computers, PDAs, iPods. or any device chargeable through a USB port.
12V Port  Use E-CHARGE to power 12V DC devices.
Power On/Off switch  completely shuts off internal battery eliminating accidental shorting and battery drain.
Easy-to-read battery status LEDs  indicates Car Battery Charging and Internal Battery Charging.
4-Ah lead-acid battery  charges a vehicle's battery in 15  30 minutes. Powerful enough to use on cars, small trucks, ATVs, motorcycles, snowmobiles and boats.
Charges a vehicle's battery safely from inside the vehicle  no need to lift the hood and attach battery clamps.
Easy to recharge internal battery  can be charged while driving using the 12 volt DC plug or at home with the provided AC charger.
Compact design  allows for easy in-car storage so help is always close at hand.  Built-in compartment  neatly keeps 12V accessory plug and cord stored away.
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