Sell Emergeny Charger for mobile OSC-999C

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Product Name: Emergency Charger for mobile
Item No. : OSC-999C

1. The design can charge the mobile by a single-node AA alkalinity ordinary battery (5#) ;
2. Applies in the single-node lithium electric drive portable electronic installation;
3. Charging current:Maximum current 310mA;
4. The transfer efficiency reaches as high as 90%,1 AA battery to be possible to let the handset converse on the telephone continuously 90-120 minute;
5. Waits for an opportunity the time for 48 hours;
6. Each lithium battery may increase equipment lithium battery 240mAH the electric quantity;
7. Exquisite outward appearance design, Is advantageous for carries;
8. When the charge completes, The battery charger automatically separates the power source;
9. May choose the different charge data line to be suitable any type.
Note:The charge effect is different based on the handset model and the AA battery quality but has a differenceThe electric current size changes along with the exploitation conditions.
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