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Carrot seed oil, extracted and refined by CO2, high quality, rich in carotene and vitamin A, no heavy metals and solvent, best for skin care and cosmetics. . .
Extracted by CO2 at low temperature, no heavy metals, no solvent, no pesticide;
Reddish brown clear oil, slightly sweet odor, dry and earthy aroma;
Rich in carotene and vitamin A.
*Rich in beta-carotene and essential fatty acids, excellent for all skin types, especially mature skin, good for wrinkles. This oil can be applied directly to the skin.
*Used for personal care products: liquid soap, body wash, shampoo, cosmetics, SPA, toothpaste, and so on.
*Used as spice for cooked meat products, instant food, puffed food, baked food.
Using Instructions
Adopt suitable adding methods according to the characteristics of object, for example, it can be diluted in vegetable oil when it used as food flavor; it could be added directly into beer or added after dissolved in ethanol; when used in cosmetic and personal care products, it can be added after dissolution in solutizer.
Net weight: 1kg, 5kg, 25kg;
Inner package: HDPE container; Outer package: Carton or fiber drum
Brand Name
Supply Capacity
10 ton per month
Minimum Order Quantity
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