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Working principle:
1, Semiconductor end-pump laser marking machine use an imported laser which is composed of two units, pump and resonator. The laser produced by diode-pumped will be adjusted by refraction micro-optic patent technique, coupled with a high-power light and radiated into resonator using a fiber-driven pump in order. Laser pump unit is compressed to a small box, which including a fiber-coupled laser diode, a thermoelectric cooling system, a supply system and a control devices. In the box, an air-cooled heat exchange equipment is used to cool the laser and current drive. In order to minimize the environmental disturbance to esonator, the esonator is sealed in a small laser head, and the laser need no maintenance.
2, The quantity of heat released from power systems and laser diode-pumped are larger than the resonator. Based on the separate design of laser diode modules and resonator, the fiber pump could be completely disassembled with the SMA connector on both sides. The old laser diode can be easily replace without other operation for resonant.

1, Smaller laser output spot, fine marking line, suitable for precise graph-text marking
2, high quality laser beam, stable laser outputting, easy marking debugging
3, High laser frequency, faster marking speed
4, Stable performance, compact design and low power consumed

Semiconductor End-Pump laser Marking machine have been widely applied in marking metal materials and most nonmetal materials, especially to process high elaborate and accurate product marking, such as electronic components, integrated circuits, electrical
appliances, communication equipments, tools and parts, glasses and watch, auto parts, plastic buttons, building materials, food and medicine pack, PVC tube etc.

Technical parameters:
Model TQL-EP-12 TQL-EP-25
Max. laser power <=12W <=25W
Laser wavelength Nd:YVO4/1064nm Nd:YVO4/1064nm
Beam qualityM2 <1.5 <2.5
Laser Repetition frequency <=100KHz <=100KHz
Marking area 110W110mm 110W110 mm
Option marking scope 160W160 mm 160W160 mm
Marking depth <=0.3mm <=0.4mm
linear speed <=7000mm/s <=7000mm/s
Min. line width 0.01mm 0.01mm
Min. letter 0.15mm 0.15mm
repeatability 10.003mm 10.003mm
Consumed power 1.5KW 1.7KW
Electricity source 220V/50Hz/7A 220V/50Hz/8A
Main unit 1000 LW750 WW1200 H mm
Cooling System Air-cooled constant temperature water-cooled
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30 days
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Minimum Order Quantity
1 set
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