One Time Sell End of Year Clearance BULK LIQUID WASH 1000 litres

End of Year Clearance BULK LIQUID WASH   1000 litres You May Also Be Interested In: coconut milk essential fatty acid fragrant oil lauric acid wild berry
Eve Liquid Wash is based on an innovative Australian cold processing method developed to capture and harness for you, the wonderful healing properties of virgin coconut oil.
The advantages of traditional saponification, of coconut are;
High lathering effect due to the salt formed from Lauric Acid, the essential fatty acid and found most abundant in coconut milk and mothers milk.
No harsh synthetic chemicals, sulphates or ammonia used in the extraction process.
Super fatted for an increased moisturizing effect from virgin coconut oil.
No need for preservatives with a long stable shelf life, minimum 12 months.
Leaves the skin feeling soft nourished and moisturized.
Ingredients, Water, Saponified Coconut and Olive Oil, Lactic Acid, preferred fragrant/essential oil. The essential oil is added when the liquid soap is cold providing the full aroma-therapeutic qualities and benefits of essential oil.
Eve selected Fragrant and Essential Oils are:
Fragrant Oil: Wild Berry and Vanilla
Essential Oil: A refreshing blend of Grapefruit, Bergamot and Petit Grain Essential Oil
This BULK OFFER of 1000 litre RBC of Liquid Wash is supplied as 1 container of any of the above fragrances including unscented. Price is cost per 1000 litre RBC.

Orders accepted for retail size 125 ml units.

The retail price of the product pictured is $9.60 per 125 ml.
Brand Name
Eve Natural Liquid Soap
Australian Manufacturing Standards
Condition of Goods
1000lts RBC
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
35 days
Model Number
1000 litres
Minimum Order Quantity
1x1000 litres
Terms of Payment
50% Deposit, Balance pre-shipment
Terms of Sale
FOB Brisbane Aust
12500kg each