One Time Sell End of Year Clearance BULK Massage Oil 1000 litres

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Eve Massage Oils are specially designed to reflect the seasons, feelings, occasions and emotions. The essential oil is added when the massage oil is cold providing the full aroma-therapeutic qualities and benefits of essential oil. Each unique scent is formulated by carefully blending a number of selected pure essential oils for both their therapeutic and aromatic properties.

Easy to apply the oils are designed to be free of oily residue.
Whats your preference?
Energizing and Vitality  Eves special blend of Black Pepper, Lime and Spearmint Essential Oils will recharge the flattest battery and leave you with a sense of well being
Relaxing or Soothing  Apply Eves Massage Oil with Sandalwood Essential Oil to feel totally relaxed and soothe those cares away.
Relieving  Massage away those aches and pains with Eves special blend of Lemongrass, Eucalyptus, Peppermint and Rosewood Essential Oils.
Uplifting  Raise your spirits; feel good about yourself and those around you by using Eves Massage Oil with Ylang-Ylang Essential Oil.
Hint: To extend the shelf of your massage oil, keep away from light and heat.

This BULK OFFER is for 4 x 1000 litre RBC containing 1 RBC each of the above fragrances. The price listed is per 1000 litre RBC. Single units of 1000 litres can be ordered.

The massage oil pictured retails for $11.50 for 125 mls which is equal to $92.00 per litre.
This BULK OFFER of 1000 litres is only $19.87 per litre.
Brand Name
Eve Natural Massage Oil
Australian Manufacturing Standards
Condition of Goods
1000 litre RBC
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
35 days
Model Number
1000 litres
Minimum Order Quantity
1 x 1000 litre
Terms of Payment
50% Deposit, Balance pre-shipment
Terms of Sale
FOB Brisbane Aust
1250 kg