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Endless Timing Belt, Made of Twist Wire
Model no: AT20, AT10, AT5, T20, T10, T5, HTD14M, HTD8M, STD8M, HTD5M, STD5M,
Endless timing belt is made of twist wire (high-strength steel wire or Kevlar wire) and shaped by rolling continuously once
It has high-tensile strength, great precision, good transmission stability, and abrasion-resistant
It can be widely applied for the industries such as ceramic machinery, glass machinery, textile machinery, and wood worker and print engine
AT20 endless timing belts are backed with APL not glue bond. They can be operational in high temperature application for industries of ceramic tiles and glass
AT20 + APL services of our company are tensile and heat-resisting (can be used under the environment of 70 to 80 C for long time, even next to cave) and never come unglued
Width: 25 to 100mm, for all model, 25 to 150mm for T20
Length: 3,000 to 14,000mm
Available in various sizes
OEM orders are welcome