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Endoscope image work station replaced traditional hand-writing medical records, reduced doctors operation intension and improved hospitals reputation to a large extent. And it will create fancy reports with pictures and words, Endoscope medical records could be stored and surveyed and reviewed conveniently any time.

Image collection:

1. Clear image capture quality: 768*576

2. Subtle gray level delamination program: 256 rank

3. Perfect colored display level: 24bit and above.


1. Random curve perimeter measure

2. Random field area measure

3. The chosen field vertical cube chart calculation

4. Addible measure data, examine results

Bata base:

1. Diagnosis information base: you can modify, create your own diagnosis information base

2. Expert assistant diagnosis system: provide diagnosis help at any time


1. You can create the reports into . jpg type supported by Internet and send the report image into Internet directly to achieve long-distance consultation.

2. You can unite the network with other image & video work station to share the resources.


1. Diagnosis income contrast chart

2. Diagnosis person/time contrast chart

3. Diagnosis workload trend chart

4. Check-up accordant situation contrast chart


1. Check-up program sort statistic

2. Check-up accordant rate

3. Diagnosis result sort statistic

4. Each section office application sheet

System confirmation:

Mainframe: Pentium IV processor, 512M above EMS memory, 80G above hard disc

Display: resolving rate 1024*768, 17 purely plane colored display

Printer: imported colored spray-ink printer