Sell Endoscope with 4mm --5 mm diameter

Endoscope with 4mm --5 mm diameter You May Also Be Interested In: borescope endoscope portable light source proof set stainless steel braided
4-5mm Videoscope, flexible Borescope
 4mm --5 mm diameter (0.18")
 1150mm length
 Forward view, 2 ways of articulation
 Universal type video out, easy connects to display and computer.
 Steel braided insertion tube, water and oil proof.
Set include:
 Flexible Borescope (Videoscope) .
 Fiber optic light guide to connect borescope with external light source
 TFT LCD Display.
 Super Bright Portable light source
 Rugged carrying case
Wide use in industrial fields:
 Aircraft inspection: turbine inspection, aircraft repairs, maintenance, engine inspection
 for safe inspection,
 tubes, pipes inspection
 many other uses
 Clear, wide and magnified image. Easy articulation of the tip
 Stainless steel braided, waterproof insertion tube
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14 days
Power Requirements
110 or 240 volts
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