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Energy fizz is an effervescent powder that mixes with water to create an amazing energy/sports drink with no sugar and only 10 calories! It's loaded with b12 vitamins that will wake up your senses and give you a blast of energy! Simply mix energy fizz into 16 to 20 ounces of water and feel the power!

Energy fizz is delivered to your body as a great-tasting, effervescent beverage that promotes effective absorption while being gentle on your stomach, without the stomach discomfort and distress of tablet-based mixes. This tasty, fizzy drink promotes hydration and contains significant quantities of b-complex vitamins that can help counteract the loss of essential vitamins when the liver is processing alcohol. Plus, energy fizz can help relieve the symptoms of a hangover.

Vitamin b12 helps maintain healthy nerve cells and red blood cells. Characteristic signs of a b12 deficiency include fatigue, weakness, constipation, loss of appetite and weight loss.

Vitamin b6 is a water-soluble vitamin. It performs a wide variety of functions in your body and
Is essential for your good health. For example, vitamin b6 is needed for more than 100 enzymes involved in protein metabolism. It is also essential for red blood cell metabolism. The nervous and immune systems need vitamin b6 to function efficiently and it is also needed for the conversion of tryptophan (an amino acid) to niacin (a vitamin) . Vitamin b6, through its involvement in protein metabolism and cellular growth, is important to the immune system.

Vitamin c is a water soluble vitamin easily absorbed from the small intestine. Humans are one of the few species that cannot manufacture vitamin c. We must depend on our diet, or nutritional supplements as the source of this vitamin.

Thiamin is involved in numerous body functions, including: Nervous system and muscle functioning; flow of electrolytes in and out of nerve and muscle cells. Because there is very little thiamin stored in the body, depletion can occur as quickly as within 14 days.

Green tea is reported to have antioxidant properties and the ability to protect against oxidative damage of red blood cells. Antioxidants protect cells and tissues against free radical oxidative damage and injury. Regular consumption of green tea may reduce the risk of hypertension. Green tea is thought to confer cardiovascular protection by increasing hdl cholesterol, decreasing ldl cholesterol and triglycerides, as well as by blocking platelet aggregation.

Potassium (bicarbonate) is needed to maintain good health. Although a balanced diet usually supplies all the potassium a person needs, supplements may be needed by people who do not have enough potassium in their regular diet or have lost too much potassium because of illness or treatment with certain medicines.