Sell Energy Saving Lamp Cup

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Energy Saving Lamp Cup
We can supply 2U, 3U, 4U (32w-125w) , 5U (32w-123w) , 6U (100w-150w) , 8U (150w-200w) , mini 2U, mini 3U, spiral lamp, mini spiral, tube (5w-100w) , spherical lamp, candle lamp, pole lamp, T5 straight tube fluorescent lamp, energy-saving down lamp, energy-saving spot light, par38 reflector lamp, energy-saving cup lighting (tc, Tr11) , and detachable energy-saving lamp (gu10) , etc.
Energy Saving Lamp Cup:
Energy saving recessed down light, we call It tc series, a genius-design which can replace the normal halogen bulb(mr16) in the market. As you know the halogen bulb, it is a high-consumption, high-temperature and short-life product. But this tc series, removed all the disadvantages mentioned, which has the functions of concentrative light beam, high color rendering index and adjustable lighting angle. moreover, exquisite processing and innovative style give you an artistic lighting effect once assembled with colorful lighting fixtures. This tc series is suitable for home-lighting and commercial-lighting, such as house, restaurant, marketplace, hotel and so on. The suitable operated temperature should be between -10 centigrade and 40 centigrade.