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Nowadays energy saving lamps are not only used in most household but also for commercial illumination too. Its features are 1/5 energy power consumption of normal incandescent light bulb, less heat generated on lamp's itself and better lifespan than the incandescent light bulb can do if the lamps are make by reputable factories. Today, more powerful energy saving lamps are being created for commercial illumination purposes. Our factory devoted into the energy saving lamp industry for producing various quality energy saving lamps with different lifespan as 3000 hours , 6000 hours and 8000 hours. We offer you a wide range of selection as U/H, 2U, 3U, 4U, 5U, spiral, spheral & radial types, etc. Lamp power defined from 3W ~ 100W. We use superior material, pure tricolor tube and imported components, integrate with advanced technology SMD to minimize unexpected human error Details please visit our URL or contact us by e-mail.
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