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ZerChen Wind Turbine100W-50000W

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Our Service Principle: All-win in cooperation, Honesty the world
We have set up 10 business parterners in China, with wind turbines manufactures and techncial support and techncial after-sales service, Our strictly-trained and experienced service engineers will do their best after-sale service to let your units under the best work condition.

I. ZerChen Wind Turbine Solutions:
+wind power generator system
+wind-solar power supply system
+wind, solar diesel generating system
+wind, solar power generator and routine grid system

II. Technological Consulting Service:
+The site choice of wind power generator
A. Meteorological data
B. The terrain and landforms
C. Electrified wire netting(grid conditions) .
D. Geological conditions
E. Transportation
F. Social and economic state
+Data Evaluation
A. Data Procession
B. Data rectification
C. Results
+Units Arrangement
A. For grid volume
B. Tail-current effect evaluation
C. Area required
+Wind power generator size
A. Unit type
B. Unit components
C. Components' Factory
+Distribution and for grid equipments
A. Wind power generator transformer
B. (transformer) substation equipment
C. For grid interface controlling equipment
D. Finance evaluation
+Economic efficiency evaluation
A. Workability analysis
B. Finance evaluation
+Environmental efficiency evaluation
A. Ecological evaluation
B. Noise evaluation