Sell Energy equipment——Screw Type Briquette Machine

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This machine is an equipment to make stick solid fuel with such wood material as bits of wood, rice shell or peanuts shell, etc. The raw material (moisture 12%) dried by the dryer will be formed into fuel under high pressure and at high temperature.
This machine has the feature of rational structure, being easy to operate and maintain. The solid fuel produced by this machine has the feature of being easy to light, and having high calorific value (over 20% higher than normal wood) , little pollution when burning and high density which is favorable to transportation.
Technical Parameter:
capacity 80-100kg/h 100-130kg/h
Matched generator power 11KW 15KW
Heating power 4.5KW 4.5KW
Size of the output 50 X 15mm 50 X 15mm