Sell Energy saver of split air conditioner(KT-V)

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A. Product Principle
According to the main reason of the traditional air-conditioner wasting electricity, use microcomputer intelligent control technology, to establish a minimum energy and the best run state of work for air conditioner, to solve the phenomenon of compressor start frequently or unable to stop operation, to change from passive consumption to subjective control, so as to achieve the purpose of energy saving.

B. Product Features
a) A dual energy saving function of refrigeration and heating.
b) Function of timely commitment and protecting compressor.
c) Apply to 1P-5P of split air conditioner.
d) More quick energy saving (%15-%35) .

C. Scope
a) KT-V applies to a single-phase split air conditioner with remote control, most appropriate to private places.
b) The adjusting type applies to pack, single or three-phase tank split air conditioner, and any places are available.
c) The energy saver used in apparatus room is suitable for a variety of single or three-phase tank split air conditioner in communications room, effect is the best.