Sell Energy saving lamp (bulb) and electronic ballast

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Jiadian Lighting Co., Ltd., China's premier lighting products manufacturer and exporter, is dedicated to the production of high quality, cost effective fluorescent and low wattage halogen lighting since 1986. Jiadian offers the largest and most complete line of energy efficient lighting products in China. Hundreds of styles of energy saving lamps used in thousands of lamp configurations, with a large variety of options. Economically priced for decorative, utility and security use in residential, commercial, architectural, institutional and industrial applications.
Our products and services mainly include:

*Energy Saving lamps (Compact Fluorescent)
*Fluorescent Lamp Fixtures
*Electronic Ballasts
*Ceiling and Wall Fixtures
*Electronic Transformers for Halogen Lamps
*Halogen Lamps
*OEM Lighting Products Design & Manufacture.