Sell Energy saving lamp--- Globe Sensor Lamps

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Photocell Spiral Reliable integrated photocell automatically turns bulb on at dusk and off at dawn.
- Long Life Up to 8,000 hours longer life than conventional incandescent lamp. 1-year guarantee
- Lasts up 7 years, based on 3.5 hours maximum usage per day.
- Energy Efficient 75% energy cost savings while providing about the same light as the incandescent bulbs
replaced. Phosphors Powder enhance lumen efficacy and color rendering and high light output
- More color selection Wide range of color options 2850K,3500K,4100K,5000K,6400K,7000K
- Flicker-free Slim shape lamps start instantly, with no annoying flicker during start-up.
- Applications
Photocell Lamps: Ideal for outdoor lantern use.
LicherTM Sensor Lamps * High color rendering, high efficacy, long life lamps.

 ESL tube provides: - solid mercury - liquid mercury
 Glass cover provides: - Transparent cover - Frosted cover - Milky/opal cover
RicherTM INSIDE tube provides: - 3U  3U T4 - M.3U  Mini 3U T3 - SP  Spiral T4 - M. SP  Mini Spiral T3
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