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KLEANOIL engine oil filter partner (engine oil filter scrap iron adsorption device)
can be widely used for engine oil filter of automobiles, airplanes, ships and
engineering machinery. This product uses super-powerful magnetic materials and
has the features of high temperature resistant, permanent magnetism and no diffusion
of magnetism after using the collected magnetic force field and other technologies.

Technical conditions: the oil filter now used in engine generally consists of filter
shell and filtering core, and filtering core uses filter paper as filtering
media. This filtering manner can effectively remove large-size impurities, but it
is incapable of filtering and purifying the iron powder below 13.6um. The high-speed
running generator will generate many scrap iron from time to time, 40% of
which cannot be filtered away, the scrap iron left will enter into engine with
cycle of engine oil, scratch wall of cylinder, damage inside parts and enlarge
the inside clearance of engine, therefore it will reduce power of engine, increase
oil consumption and finally have to take an overhaul. This device can stop scrape
iron to enter engine again to cause damage on inside wall of engine, reduce
the resistance inside engine, strengthen power output of engine and reduce oil

KLEANOIL engine oil filter partner (engine oil filter scrap iron adsorption device)
fixes five-group square magnetic on the same side surface of each link of chain,
the area of link is larger than area of magnet, holding magnetic force line
and preventing it to leak. The folding edge in the link side can also block off
magnetic force line. When one side of magnetic column is fixed on the surface of
link, two neighboring magnetic poles will form super-powerful magnetic field, which
can effectively 1.3 um metallic particulates in engine oil, and the metallic
particulates filtered is 12 um less than that filtered by traditional filters.
It is shown in experiments that the filtration rate is up to 99.8%. For proper
use of chain structure, this device can be used for various engine filters. After
two or three years of driving, the power of many cars has a remarkable reduction,
but if you install this device on these cars, their power is nearly same as
new car.

KLEANOIL engine oil filter partner (engine oil filter scrap iron adsorption device)
can effectively settle the above problems and can also prolong the service
life of mechanic parts, engine and engine oil after long-term use. In normal situation,
an engine may be replaced oil and oil filter after 5000km of driving,
if this device is used, oil and oil filter will not be replaced until 6000km of
driving, therefore, maintenance expenses will be reduced.

1) Reduces engine wear, prolongs service life of engine and keeps strong power of
2) Extend service life of engine oil over 20%, reduces maintenance expenses
3) Improves mechanic performance and efficiency, saves 5-10% of fuel and strengthen
power over 10%
4) Decreases wear and heating, eliminates the running noise of machinery over 20%
5) Reasonable chain design: this device can properly match various engine filters,
generate high efficiency and bring better operation effect to engine
6) Low cost: it can be repeatedly used and its efficiency will not be reduced
7) Simple installation: it has strong magnetic force, and is resistant to high
temperature, the unidirectional magnetic field does not affect the parts nearby
and has no bad action

Note: this device is not suitable for any full-aluminum engine
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