Sell Engine Tachometer  GED2600 meter

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2 in 1(Engine & Laser tachometer ) Applicable to the product departments of motor, fan, paper-product, plastics, chemical fiber, washing-machine, automobile, airplane, steamer etc.

Product synopsis
Engine Tachometer GED2600
Application: 2-CIRCLE 1,2,3,4-cylinder
4-CIRCLE 1,2,3,4,5,6,8- cylinder
Measurement range: engine 100-20000r/min
Laser 2.5-99999r/min
Detection method: engine electromagnetic induction
Laser reflective
Measuring range: 30-600mm
Operating conditions: 0-+450(32 -104) , <=90%RH
Accuracy: 1(0.05%n+1d)
Memory: MAX/MIN/LAST value
Power supply: 4x1.5V AA (UM-3) battery
Dimensions: 220x68x38mm
Weight (not including probe) : 164g