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The Engineered flooring is a new product that born from the solid flooring which had been created and improved. The surface use the mostpopular valuable wood and use the excpecial technology to made much piece wood to become one,

Compare with the traditional flooring, the engineered flooring also have the nature grain, nature colour and the speciality that warm in winter and cool in summer. Because use multilayer wood, so made the  power inside  achieve the mix balance and reduce the fault of distortion, raise and carze. The soid fiooring can fulfill different require of environment and consume require, have the reputation of  expert of terrestrial heat of flooring.
1. the surface
Use the rare wood as the surface, have the natural grain and strict deal with the mositure, have the differernce of the mositure between the top and the grass roots. Assure not to craze or distrotion in winter or in the dry place when use it in the warm enviroment.

2. the grass roots
Use the excellent wood which at the age up to 70 yesars, after cuting, braising, drying, change the character of wood avoid the problems craze or distrotion.

3 The coating
Use the Treffert coating, made the surface can resist the blow and rub, improve the elasticity and Tenacity of coating, 7 layer of coating mde the surface smooth and long life.
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