Sell Ensave Fuel Saving Device by Thai inventor. USA. patent pending

Ensave Fuel Saving Device by Thai inventor. USA. patent pending You May Also Be Interested In: fuel saving device inventor patent spark ignition thai inventor
ENSAVE Fuel Saving Device For all types of Petrol or Diesel. ENSAVE will help your engine get high performance non engine defective, Fresh your engine and fuel economize 10-30%. You will know the feel difference of before and after installation ENSAVE device as follow :
1. More easier spark ignition.
2. More completely in burning.
3. Increase the mixing ratio between petrol + air to more complete.
4. Get more quantity of Oxide and ready to spark ignition.
5. Get more cleaning air for engine.

Conclusion: The benefits result of vehicle after install ENSAVE device.
1. Save petrol 10-30%.
2. Get more engine power in the same fuels payment.
3. Engine running more smooth.
4. More faster to do engine speeding.
5. Reduce toxic exhaust gases and reduce a lot of dark exhaust smoke.

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Brand Name
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
7-15 days
Model Number
Patents or Trademarks
USA Patent pending
Warranty Coverage
3 years