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Eco-friendly:100% recyclable
Health-friendly:latex-, PVC-, and chloride-free
Superb traction for maximum safety in poses
Greater support:Soft surface and special designed patterns
100% biodegradable
Not only is the EnviroMat recyclable at the end of its life, but all the components of the mats, including the glue and the woven we use are recycable.
Toxins free
No phthalate, toluene, or heavy metals have been used in any parts of the production process
PVC- and Latex-Free
Made from a revolutionary material, TPE (Thermal Plastic Elastomer) foam, this mat contains no PVC or latex so its gentle on your health.
Excellent performance, comfort, and support 
Greater support
Made with a unique closed-cell form, our EnviroMat offers the superior cushioning, support, and protection you want.
Our purpose---make yoga easier, make yogis love yoga more. . .
Specially designed patterned surfaces provide soft, comfortable foundations to care your sign and superb traction for optimum stability during exercise to ensure the safty.
Is it difficult to clean?
Most of the yogis are experiencing this headache, now, solutions!our revolutionary material is water- and sweat-resistant, making it easy to wash and quick to dry.
Thats a great and wise choice to try it. . . we are doing something good for ourselves and the earth
Environmental friendly---make you healthier when doing healthy yoga.
Two surfaces---every of our yoga mats have two surfaces which are different complementary colors and patterns.
Rounded edges---human engineering, we are caring more about your health.
Available sizes
Length:183cm (72L)
Supply Capacity
100,000 pcs per month
Available Colors
not limited
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L/C or T/T
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FOB China Port
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