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G series environment-friendly II standard HLS60/80/100 concrete batching equipment are the series products developed by our company in 2004, which is the consummation and improvement of the key scientific technical project of the national Ninth Five Plan.

This equipment is a kind of concrete batching equipment of storage, weighing and stirring. The productivity are 60/80/100 m3/h, the mixer adopts JS1000/1500/2000 road-bed material batching continuous batching plant, the discharge height of concrete is 3.8m, and it can stir various kinds of concretes. Applied to larger than the medium scale commodity concrete manufacture factories, the project construction, such as large scale building, water and electricity, calzada, port, dock and bridge, and the large and medium scale prefabrication products factories.
It can store three to four kinds of aggregate simultaneously. According to the demands of the clients, the flyash batching system equips three cement storage, a flyash coal storage, and a powder additive storage. Three kinds of aggregate is send to the weighing bucket by its own screw feeding machine. Water and the liquid additive are sent to the weighing bucket by the water pump. Electron weighing system; Computer control; High weighing accuracy; Small error. The control system owns the functions of screen display, distributing ratio storage, automatically equalize the fall, and equalize the sand containing water rate, and it is equipped the manual system, which can realize the manual and automatic control during the stirring process. In addition, this equipment is equipped the print and monitor system to realize the central control and integer management of the whole equipment.
The characteristics: Double-deck chief structure, large repairing space; Italy dust-remove and butterfly valve, reach the demands to protect the environment; Toledo sensor, Japanese SMC gas moving component, Schneider electric, reliable equipment course.

In order to satisfy the demands of different field and situation, the charging strap of this series equipment can adopt 180, 250 and 450.

G series environmental II Ready-mixed concrete mixing plant technical parameter

model HLS60 HLS80 HLS100 HLS150 HLS200
productivity(m3/h) 60 80 100 150 200
mixer model JS1000 JS1500 JS2000 JS3000 JS4000
Power of agitator(kW) 2W18.5 2W30 2W37 2W55 2W75
discharge(m3) 1 1.5 2 3 4
aggregate(mm) 60/80(gravel/pebble) 60/80(gravel/pebble) 60/80(gravel/pebble) 60/80(gravel/pebble) 60/80(gravel/pebble)
batch bin capacity(m3) 12 15 20 30 40
number 3 3 4 4 4
Belt conveying capacity (t/h) 450 600 800 1000
weighing accuracy Aggregate(kg) 250012% 350012% 4X (200012%) 4X (300012%) 4X (400012%)
Cement(kg) 50011% 80011% 100011% 150011% 200011%
Flyash(kg) 20011% 30011% 40011% 60011% 80011%
Wayer(kg) 20011% 30011% 40011% 60011% 80011%
additive(kg) 2011% 2011% 4011% 4011% 6011%
console cabinet 8m2
conditioner 8m2
conditioner 8m2
conditioner 8m2
computer control batch control+IPC+Printer+LCD batch control+IPC+Printer+LCD batch control+IPC+Printer+LCD batch control+IPC+Printer+LCD
total power(kW) 119 155 178 260
discharge height(m) 3.8 3.8 3.8 3.8
Minimum Order Quantity
1 set
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