Sell Envirotuff Liner (ETL)

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The Envirotuff Liner (ETL) is a revolutionary product designed to protect moisture and temperature sensitive goods, such as food, cocoa, chocolate candy, beverage, wine, cosmetic, digital products, etc. during transportation. This liner works as a moisture and temperature barrier by creating an environment in which the temperature and moisture fluctuations would be significantly reduced. It has been approved by our customers that this liner is dramatically efficient to decrease the damage caused by temperature and moisture fluctuation.
The ETL is specially designed & highly customized for standard ISO shipping 20ft, 40ft & 40ft HC containers, rail, AV as well as individual pallet covers.
ETL is a fully woven reflective liner that is hung into a general purpose ISO shipping containers and allows for forklift, hand or slip sheet loading. Once loaded, it is completely sealed providing a closed off temperature controlled environment for the goods inside the container. ETL Is effective against radiant heat transfer as the liner is made from high reflective aluminum materials which reflect 97% of radiant heat. The special installation method also creates air gap in between the container wall and roof to prevent conductive heat transfer. A total seal environment created by the ETL prevents movement of air and thus preventing convection heat transfer.
ETL is effective, lightweight but strong, durable, easy to install and value for money.
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