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The fuel ethanol is the most popular bio-energy in the world. With the increase of the requirement of fuel people has innovated lots of techniques to decrease the cost of the ethanol production. The application of enzymes in the ethanol production makes a dramatically increase of material utility, such as the amylase and amyloglucosidase. But the alpha-1,6-glycoside bond in amylopectin and non-starch polysaccharide (NSP) is not noticed in the traditional process resulting in low efficiency of liquification and saccharification. The NSP also affects the fermentation by increasing the viscosity of the liquid. The Enerzyme is developed for increasing the utility of the different materials in the ethanol fermentation. It has optimal formulation according to the mechanism of enzymic hydrolysis of polysaccharide and many experiments. The component of Enerzyme is high-activity and specificity to NSP and able to synergize with each other. It can be applied to ethanol fermentation with corn, sweet potato, cassava, crop straw, molasses and so on, and even to the solid fermentation.
Product Component
Cellulase Xylanase Pectinase Glucanase Protease
Function of Product
1. Eliminating the influence of the NSP and increasing the ethanol yield of fermentation2. Completely hydrolyzing NSP in the materials to make the saccharification more efficient and releasing more available nutrition in the medium3. Decreasing the viscosity of the fermentation broth to save the mechanical energy 4. Increasing the value of the co-products
Recommend dosage (g/T dry mass) of Enerzyme in different fermentation materials: Corn Wheat: 200g/T for corn Enerzyme, Sweet Potato: 200g/T for sweet potato Enerzyme, Cassava: 200g/T for cassava Enerzyme, Crop straw: 300g/T for cellulose Enerzyme
The Enerzyme can applied to the liquid fermentation such as fuel ethanol fermentation or solid fermentation such as wine fermentation and so on.
StorageAvoid solarization, drench, and airproof condition,12 months under 250
Brand Name
Available Colors
light brown