Sell Epidural-spinal Combined Anesthesia Kits

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The disposable epidural-spinal combined anesthesia kits integrate the advantages of epidural anesthesia and spinal anesthesia for better and faster anesthetic effects and smaller dosage. The time length of anesthesia can be prolonged at discretion, and the toxic side effects of the drugs can be reduced. The pen-point spinal anesthesia needle causes little damages to the epidural, which greatly reduces the loss of CSF and minimizes the pains after the spinal anesthesia. The combined technology makes possible the more flexible and more effective anesthetic plans, and the doctors can freely and flexibly control the parts and depth under anesthetic effects as well as the time length of anesthesia as may be required by the operations. It also creates a new approach for the anesthesia in obstetric applications.

Specially designed epidural puncture needle
The specially processed needlepoint makes the puncture smoother and the handle feeling better. It does not cause epidural damages, has smooth interiors and is easy for tube placement.

Pen-point type spinal needle
The 25G pen-point type spinal needle cause less epidural damage and minimizes the possibility of

leakage of CSF. The fully transparent needle handle makes it easy to observe the backflow of the CSF.

Epidural catheter
The round-shaped flexible and soft catheter with high strength and three side holes makes it easier to be placed in position and makes the medicine more evenly distributed.

The 0.2um filter can effectively filter off the germs and foreign substances that might possibly exist.

Low-resistance syringe
The specially designed disposable injector features smoothness, low resistance and highly sensitive to the negative pressure in the epidural chamber.