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Main pharmacological reactive Stimulate sensory nerve to promote sexual function; Anti-bacterial antibiotic, Zhenkepingchuan; Relief, increased Guanmai flow, increase muscle oxidation capacity. Enhanced immunization, a certain anti-cancer role
Latin name Epimedium P. E.
Part used Whole Herb
Test Mothed HPLC
Specification:30% icariins; 4:1
1. Exciting sense nerves, promoting sex activity.
2. Having effects on codeining and reducing breathing heavily.
3. Having notable restraining effects on white grape cocci and golden grape coccus.
4. Reducing blood pressure and blood sugar.
5. Reducing beta-lipoprotein and cholesterin.
6. Anti-inflammation increasing immunity.
Scientists demonstrate that the mechanism of the therapeutic action of icariin (ICA) on erectile dysfunction (ED) is inhibition GMP-specific PDE5, a factor causing ED. The studies by Liao HJ demonstrate Chinese medicine epimedium exerted immuno-enhancing effect on the animal model of chronic renal insufficiency. The further investigation by him also suggests epimedium had therapeutic effect on sexual disorder and immunologic inadequacy in the patients of chronic renal failure undergoing hemodialysis. A clinical experiment shows epimedium compound is therapeutically effective in treating patients with kidney deficiency syndrome of ischemic cardio-cerebral vascular diseases. Researchers separated osteoclasts and treated with different concentrations of epimedium. The investigation shows epimedium can induce osteoclast apoptosis, inhibit bone resorption and improve the bone density. The effect of epimedium on bone resorption is dose-dependent. The same result was confirmed by animal model. Researches widely in ICA show its effects on cardiovascular system, circulatory system, immune system, genital system and bone marrow system. In China, many medicines with ICA as a main constituent are used for clinical treatments on kidney disease and bone marrow