Sell Epoxy Adhesives Series

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Tightsen epoxy adhesives are widely used for bonding metals, ceramics, woods, glass and some plastics etc. . Can be used for structural bonding, encapsulating parts, with high strength and volume unshrinking characters.
Epoxy structural adhesive series

High impact and high peel strength and excellent mechanical and electric insulation characters.
Bond dissimilar materials including aluminum, steel, and other metals, as well as a variety of plastics and ceramics.

Fast curing.
For bonding metal, plastic, wood etc. .
High strength, resistant to impact and peel-off.

Fast cure speed, high bonding strength.
Not to corrosive pipe fitting, resistant to solvent and medium.
For bonding metal, ceramics, concrete and glass etc. .

One compenent, heat cure, low viscosity, good flowable.
Can be used for structural bonding metals, ceramics, glass and encapsulating some small electric parts.

One compenent, high temperature cure, high bonding strength, easy to use, widely applicability.
Can be used for structural bonding metals, ceramics, and glass etc. .
Underfill adhesive

Reworkable underfill for CSP (FBGA) or BGA. Dispense product at moderate speed . Ensure that needle tip is about 0.025mm.
It is designed to give excellent protection from failure due to mechanical stress, include: hand dispense and notebook PC. The low viscosity allows filling in gaps under CSP or BGA.