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JG-602 is a two-component, 100% solids epoxy-based system for use as a high strength, non-shrink anchor grouting material. Resin and hardener are dispensed and mixed simultaneously through the mixing nozzle.
7Threaded rod anchoring
7Rebar dowelling
7Bonding hardened concrete to hardened concrete
7Pick proof sealant around doors, windows and fixtures
7Paste-over for crack injection.
Surfaces to receive adhesive must be clean and free of frost. The base material temperature must be 00 F or above at the time of installation. The cartridges should be stored in a warm, uniformly heated area or storage container for a sufficient time to allow epoxy to warm completely. Mixed material in nozzle can harden in 2h at a temperature of 250.
SHELF LIFE: Twelve months from date of manufacture in unopened cartridge.

STORAGE CONDITIONS: For best results store between 320 F - 800 F. Partially used cartridges can be stored for a limited time by leaving nozzle in place. To re-use, attach new nozzle.

COLOR: Resin-white; Hardener-black or red or gray, amine based. When properly mixed SET adhesive will be a uniform gray or pink color.

CLEAN UP: Uncured material  Wipe up with cotton cloths. If desired scrub area with abrasive, water based cleaner and flush with water. If approved, solvents such as ketones (MEK, acetone, etc. ) , laquer thinner, or adhesive remover can be used. DO NOT USE SOLVENTS TO CLEAN ADHESIVE FROM SKIN. Take appropriate precautions when handling flammable solvents. Solvents may damage surfaces to which they are applied. Cured Material: Chip or grind off surface.

CHEMICAL RESISTANCE: Very good to excellent against distilled water and inorganic acids. Fair to good against organic acids and alkalis, inorganic alkalis, and many organic solvents. Poor against Ketones.