Sell Erbium Yag Laser Beauty Machine

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Erbium Yag Laser Beauty Machine
Model: BS-EYL1

Erbium, A. K. A Er:YAG laser can generate the infrared ray with the wavelength 2940nm , which can be well- absorbed by water , and it adopt 0.25ms pulse duration , Er:YAG laser irradiation each time can resect more tissue . Er:YAG laser: 2940nm blast-off wavelength is inosculated to the peak value of the absorptivity of the water . And the absorption coefficient is 10 times of Co2 laser . So Er:YAG laser can dispel thinner tissue than Co2 laser , which can penetrate the skin about several ms and the heat continue working time is about 1-5ms. So the heat damaging for skin also become less . And the tissue which didn't boil away can generate a heat solidification layer , so the blood dot is only as small as the needlepoint, so the wound can heal up very fast and leave less pigmention.


* Rejuvenation, skin-peeling, wrinkle removal, scar removal
* Tissue peeling for splash, naevus, sweat canal tumour , skin adenoma , light actinism keratoma(keratosis) , grease excessive keratosis and heat source type acestoma tumour and other infection pathological changes , hypertrophy bottle nose
* Sterilization: kill the bacteria instantly under the high temperature


* Laser Type: Er:YAG laser
* Wavelength: 2940nm
* Pulse Energy: 200-600 mJ
* Pulse width: 0.3 ms
* Output power: < 20Watts
* Spot size: 3-9mm
* Control: Touch screen control panel
* Cooling system: Internally circulated water cooling
* Power supply: 220V 50Hz
* Net Weight: 25Kg