Sell Esky 2.4G 4CH Co-Comanche RC Helicopter RTF (Atrorirens)

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RAH-66 COMANCHE is a new helicopter being used for reconnaissance mission of arming and light assault for the land forces.
CO-COMANCHE was designed by TWF as a 4CH helicopter with co-axial, double rotor blades system, it is easy to fly with simple operation, which possesses the characteristics of high sensitivity and flexible turning of the real helicopter. It was designed with divided canopy and fuselage connecting by a carbon fibre rod, which is practical and beautiful. There are three sliding wheels in the landing strut, which can slide automatically while taking off and landing. The ornamental tail rotor adopts duct rotor blade that can rotate automatically while flying the helicopter, which brings you into a real flight state and brings more fun for your flight. ESKY original softdog is included in the packing, installing the FMS software of the disc, and connecting the simulator port in the transmitter to the computer with it, you can enjoy your flight in the computer then.
RC system adopts brandnew 2.4G intelligent spread spectrum transmission technology & digital FM technology, collocated with 2 digital servos, which ensure a rapider response, more precise and nimbler movement. several fly

Product Details

-Main rotor diameter: 340mm
-Weight: about 242g
-Length: 435mm, width: 95mm, height: 185mm
-Power system: 180 motor*2pcs
-Transmitter: Standard 4 CH 2.4G transmitter(including training switch and simulator port)
-Mix controller: 4 in 1 mix controller (Including gyro, mixer, ESC, receiver)
-Servo:digital servos; weight:7.5g; torque:1.0kg. CM; speed:0.1S/600
-Battery: 7.4V 800mAh Li-polymer battery set