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We are exporters of top quality genuine, pure and 100% natural Essential Oils that can be used as a fragrance, for flavorings, or externally in aromatherapy, beauty products, and pharmaceutical products.
Many essential oils have positive effects on physcial and psychological symptoms. Our essential oils are 100% pure, natural plant oils with no added water, alcohol, carriers or other diluents. They are suitable for aromatherapy, cosmetics, cooking, and body application.
The essential oils we stock are obtained by steam distillation of the plant's volatile oils.

List of products:
- Basil Oil Linalool
- Basil Oil Chavicol
- Basil Absolute
- Basil Concrete
- Blue Chamomile Oil
- Bitter Orange Flower Absolute
- Bitter Orange Flower Concrete
- Carnation Flower Absolute
- Carnation Flower Concrete
- Cassie Absolute
- Cassie Concrete
- Chamomile Absolute
- Chamomile Concrete
- Egyptian Eucelyptus Oil
- Geranium Oil
- Geranium Absolute Benzol
- Geranium Absolute Hexane
- Geranium Concrete Benzol
- Geranium Concrete Hexane
- Jasmine Absolute Benzol
- Jasmine Absolute Hexane
- Jasmine Concrete Benzol
- Jasmine Concrete Hexane
- Petitgrain Mandarin Oil
- Petitgrain Oil
- Petitgrain Leaves Absolute
- Petitgrain Leaves Concrete
- Petitgrain Citronee Oil
- Tagete Oil
- Tagete Flower Absolute
- Tagete Flower Concrete
- Tuberose Absolute
- Tuberose Concrete
- Violet Leaves Absolute
- Violet Leaves Concrete
- Neroli Oil
- Leek Oil
- Marjoram Oil
- Onion Oil
- Garlic Oil
- Parsley Herb Oil
- Parsley Seed Oil
- Cumin Seed Oil
- Coriander Herb Oil
- Coriander Seed Oil
- Celery Herb Oil
- Celery Seed Oil
- Dill Oil
- sage Oil
- Sage Concrete
- Spinach Leaves Absolute
- Spinach Leaves Concrete
- Tomato Leaves Absolute
- Tomato Leaves Concrete
- Absolute Fleur De Tobacco

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