Sell Essential oils

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VIP Germes Ltd. is regular exporter of essential oils with many years of experiance. Please find a list we have at the moment with their respective quantities. Further information is available upon request.

Some products-availability(kg)
1. Lavender oil-4000kg
2. Rose concrete-100kg
3. Lavender concrete-50kg
4. Pine oil-10000kg
5. Vetiver oil-1600kg
6. Tansy oil-300kg
7. Estragon oil-700kg
8. Cinnamon oil-2900kg
9. Clove oil-1200kg
10. Coconut oil-5500kg
11. Lavera concrete-1400kg
12. Rose water-50000kg
13. Smoke Tree-900kg
14. Tobacco concrete-3500kg
15. Tobacco absolute-250kg
16. Citronella oil-5000kg
17. Geranium oil-50kg
18. Patchouli iol-40kg
19. Duckweed concrete-240kg
20. Geranium comcrete-3kg
21. Wormwood oil-