Sell Estrogyn Phyto-Estrogen Complex

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A phytoestrogen complex that is ideal for women who wish to effect hormone balancing naturally. Contains phytohormones that are nearly identical to the human estrogens estriol, estrone and estradiol. Calms hot flashes and night sweats and restores normal sleep patterns for most women. Has a stabilizing effect on the entire endocrine system. Exhibits dh-testosterone blocking qualities which reduce masculinization such as facial hair growth.

The pharmaceutical delivery system has an aloe barbadensis gel base. The active botanical ingredients per two-ounce jar include 45-mg. activity Black Cohosh (Racemosa Cimifuga) extract (27-desoxyactein) , with 1125 mg. activity of titrated complex containing Soy Isoflavone (genestein) , Chinese Angelica Sinesis (Don Quai) and Egyptian Glycerrhiza Urlensis (Licorice) , 1500 mg. activity of Dermasterone (our bioactive multi-species wild yam complex) .

For most women 1/4 - 1/2 teaspoon per day will be sufficient as a maintenance dosage. Every womans body, however, is different. Some will do best on the low end and those who are experiencing extreme symptoms can safely use much more until symptoms subside. Progestone-900 is also recommended for osteoporosis protection.