Sell Ethoxyl carbmide

Ethoxyl carbmide
Chemical name: Ethoxyl carbmide
White or similar white crystal or crystalline powder, odorless, no simulative. It can easily dissolve in water, but can not dissolve in oils.
Quality index:: Loss on drying: <=1%
Clarity of solution: 5% water solution should be clarity.
PH: 6.5~7.5
Heavy metal: <=0.002%
content: >=98%
1) It has better hygroscopic ability compare to glycerin or other hygroscopic agents
. 2) It can pervious to horniness and increase the elasticity of skin.
3) Compare to glycerin, it has better holding water capability at same active matter content.
4) Add 1.5~5% into cosmetics can make it have much better feel to skin.
5) It has better synergistic reaction with other hygroscopic agents.
Using methods:
It has better compatibility with other materials. It can directly add into water, the operation is simple and convenient. If the system of cream is acidity, it can be solved in one times deionized water. when the temperature of the emulsified cream reach 600, add it into the cream and the cream will be much stable.
Dosage: 0.5~5%
Package and Storage: 1kg/bag or 25kg/barrel. Kept cool and sealed.