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Product Name: Ethyl butyrate
Byname: Ethyl butanoate; Ethyl ester; Butyric acid
CAS NO. : 105-54-4
Molecular formula : C6H12O2
Molecular weight : 116.16(atomic weight with five effective number provided by IUPAC in 1995)
Property: Colorless liquid with the fragrance of pineapple. Slightly soluble in water. Can be dissolved with most organic solvents.
Use: Used in food, drink, alcohols, tobacco and essence etc. . .
Packaging: 200L metal pail, NW: 170Kg per pail.
Technical index:
Appearance: Colorless liquid
Color(PT-Co) : d 15#
Content, %: e 99.0
Water content(wt) , %: d 0.1
Acidity(base on HAC) , %: d 0.01
Relative density(20/20) : 0.870~ 0.877
Refractive index(20/20) : 1.391~ 1.394

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