Sell Ethyl fish oil

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Ethyl fish oil

 DHA (docosahexenoic acid ) ;
 EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid ) ;
 LA (linoleic acid ) ;
 ALA (A-linolenic acid ) ;
 Vitamin E (Request of Ministry of Public Health ) ;
 AA (arachidonic acid ) ;
 DPA, Ovolecithin, Kephalin etc. ;

Hongyangshen functional fish oil of healthy is a competitive product of the series of fish oil, it is belongs to the high-tech products in the marine organisms. After the technology of saponification, esterification and purification of five-step molecule distillation, the refine fish oil of high-quality was made into fatty acid ethyl fish oil with different yellowish. The whole course time to process products is short, it keep the effective component of fish oil strictly and the fresh of the content. This product is belong to the ester-soluble things and apt to be absorbed by the human body.

This product is rich in DHA , EPA , LA , and ALA, studying and proving by the domestic and international authority and the clinical testing, the products has the function of regulating the blood ester, preventing the atherosclerosis , preventing the disease of cerebrovascular and cardiovascular, reducing blood viscosity, preventing cerebral thrombus and cerebral infarct, reducing the insuffcient of brain blood supply that caused by blood pressure, making the brain healthy, improving and increasing memory, strengthening thinking agility, raising learning efficiency and improving eyesight etc. . According to the latest research, the product also has the function of strengthening immunity, suppressing senile dementia, preventing diabetes, rheumarthritis and fatty liver, suppressing cancer and so on.

This product is a pure natural ocean biological products that suit most persons, it can be used as raw materials of soft capsule, powder directly, meantime, it also can be used as additive of the pure natural functional food of healthy. It hasn't any side effect.

 Batching : Refined ethyl fish oil, vitamin E;
 Suitable crowds: Depend on the variety needs;
 Unsuitable crowds: the person who has disease of cerebral hemorrhage and the person who is apt to bleed;
 term of validity: 12 months;
 storage: Low temperature , photophobic , seal with nitrogen filled.