Sell Ethyl gallate

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Synonyms: Gallice acid ethyl ester, EG. , Ethyl gallate
Chemical name: Ethyl -3,4,5-trihydroxybenzoate
Mol. Form and Mol. Wt: C9H10O5 = 198.2
CAS 831-61-8

Description: A white or almost white, crystalline powder; odourless. Slightly soluble in water freely soluble in ethanol and in ether, practically insoluble in arachis oil.

Specification: Meeting the requirement of BP1998 edition
Main testing indexes:
Melting point: 151~1540;
Chloride: max 330ppm;
Loss on drying: max 1.0%;
Sulphated ash: max0.1%;

Uses: It is used as antioxidant of medicinal and biochemical preparations.
Packaging: A net weight of 500g, packed in plastic bags, out packed with paperboard cases, A net weight of (40bagsW500g) .