Sell Ethyl methyl carbonate

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Ethyl methyl carbonate

I, Characteristics and Applications

Ethyl Methyl Carbonate, with molecular formula C4H8O3 and structural formula , is a newly springing up chemical, which is an excellent solvent for lithium cell electrolyte. Thanks to its methyl and ethyl groups, Ethyl Methyl Carbonate possesses characteristics of both dimethyl carbonate and ethyl methyl carbonate. EMC/MEC is also a solvent of special flavors and intermediates.
II, Quality Indexes (The quality system accords with GB/T19001-2000idt ISO9001:2000, and the environmental management system accords with ISO14001:1996)
Purity >=99%
Alcohols <=0.2%
Water <=0.1%
Density 1
Colorless and transparent liquid without mechanical impurities
III, Package

Packed in iron or high density plastic drums with net weight of 20010.5kg

IV, Storage and Transportation

Stored in cool, dry and ventilated places, kept far from fire, and transported as a combustible chemical.