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Eucommia Bark Tea

Eucommia Bark Health Tea preserves old and mid-aged people health. It particularly suitable for hypertension, high blood fat treatment. Eucommia Bark is a kind of traditional Chinese herbal medicines, It is better quality with thick bark for medicine. So usually we select the thick bark of eucommia for ingredient. After it well processed, and then use with other Chinese traditional medicine together. It has function of restore liver and kidney, strong the body, protect fetus and so on. Recently, clinical expert usually use in blood pressure down and low the blood fat. In county, people like to drink with Eucommia leaf, it also can get the same effects.

Ingredient: Eucommia Bark extract, Natural herbal Polysaccharides(No cane sugar) , citric acid.

Function: Promote live and kidney, Anti-aging, Strong body, eliminate fatigue, lowering blood glucose and blood fat, regulation of blood pressure in two-ways, prevent influenza and hepatitis-B virus, improving the complexion, sliming the body.

Dosage: One sachet (5g) with water (Hot or cool) , mixed and then to drink.
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